Faster than the Factory

Federal Ag Supply is the manufacturers’ solution for a reliable, consistent and profitable supply chain to reach more agriculture outfitters, faster.

We’re leading the herd in warehousing, distribution, and logistics of agricultural products throughout the US.

Consider us “home” for your inventory.

Federal Ag handles the entire supply chain process from warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, and logistics. We’ll work directly with end customers, making sure they get your products at the right time–every time.

We don’t just talk the talk.

Our partners are some of the best manufacturers of agricultural solutions and products in the industry. By being faster than the factory, we’ve helped them turn hundreds of prospective buyers into repeat customers.

Before working with Federal Ag Supply, we experienced long lead times from manufacturers. By using Federal Ag Supply’s service and having inventory available immediately, our annual sales increased from $150K to over $2M.

Before we partnered with Federal Ag Supply, our dealers could only buy our products in full container loads with several month lead times from our factory. After partnering with Federal Ag Supply, lead times for deliveries on many products dropped from months to just days resulting in expanded market share across the United States.

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