What is Federal Ag Supply?

Federal Ag Supply, a division of Ag Lease or Loan, L.L.C., is a Lenexa, Kan., based company that warehouses and distributes agricultural products throughout the United States. The company has been engaged in the U.S. dairy industry since 1998, originally offering milk parlor and dairy cow lease financing. Since then, Federal Ag Supply has evolved into a diverse operation to support agriculturalists across the nation. We offer products manufactured by Artex Barn Solutions, including steel and ventilation products for dairy barns.

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mission statement

To build, support, and service a distribution network across multiple sectors of the United States agricultural industry by selling quality products that increase animal comfort, while bringing value to the overall success of our customers’ businesses.


What is Artex Barn Solutions?

Artex Barn Solutions has been a leader in agricultural supply for more than 40 years. Purchased by John de Jonge in 1995, Artex evolved from silage and manure equipment and now focuses on cattle handling equipment, ventilation and cow cooling.

Artex rose to new heights over the next 10 years, positioning itself for the global market by opening its first North-American style manufacturing plant in China in 2007.

This global expansion led Artex to a vast and rapid growth. With a network of dealers around the world and projects in more than 40 countries worldwide, Artex takes pride in the level of excellence and commitment it continues to bring to the dairy industry.



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