About Us

We believe in the efficiency of big-city business, the dependability of small-town service, and ideas that just work.

From humble beginnings.

We started in the U.S. dairy industry in 1998, originally offering milk parlor and dairy cow lease financing. 20+ years later, we support ag producers across the nation by simplifying agricultural product distribution through innovation, reliability, and adaptability.


To build, support, and service a value-driven distribution network across multiple sectors of the U.S. agricultural industry.


To be the nation’s most reliable warehousing, inventory, fulfillment, and logistics specialist of agricultural products.


To streamline efficiencies in the supply chain, bringing maximum value and service to both manufacturers and end customers.

Our location in the center of the United States helps reduce shipping costs and expedite delivery times.

Ready to grow your operation?

We’re the boots to help you do it.